Exiled realm presents

Dungeon Kings

A strategic card battling game.

One player takes the role of the Dungeon Master, lays out monsters and traps. 

The other player assumes the role of heroes adventuring into that dungeon. 

Both layout cards in an epic battle royal! 

When the players are set the battle happens programmatically, victory goes to the one who has the most strategy.

the vision

Be both hero
and villain

Game Overview :

This will be the first game that Exiled Realm produce. The game is about strategy and about playing the right cards in the right setting.

The players roles :

One player assumes the role of a Dungeon Master. The Dungeon Master has a set number of cards that they can play in their dungeon. They layout their cards (Monsters and traps) based on the dungeon board they were presented and in a way, that they feel has the optimum strategy in defeating their opponent. They can also put Tier 3 (T3) items on their monsters to enhance their strengths!

The second player assumes the role of A Band of Heroes. This player assembles a band of heroes and lays out who’s in the front, as they’ll take the most damage and do the most damage, and who is in the back to act in a support role. Then they equipped different add-ons (tier 3 items (T3)) to these characters to enhance their strengths, with the hopes of defeating dungeon that lays ahead.

When both players have laid out their team, they submitted them to the battle AI. The battle AI looks at the stats of the teams, and calculates which side goes first based on various stats of the cards added together, then proceeds to deal damage based on the attack strengths of the various cards. This process goes back and forth until either the Band of heroes, or the Dungeon Master is defeated.

The winner gets paid out in the game currency, called “Treasure Tokens” (TT).

A programmatic story is then generated for the specific encounter and shared with both the Dungeon Master and The Band of heroes, This is a story they can share with their friends or telltales of the next day at work.


Development of this game will start after funding is complete from the sale of the entity playing cards for exiled realm. Tentatively the plan schedule is to start development Q1 or Q2 of 2022.

Programming the initial MVP ( Minim Viable Product) will take three months.

We intend to use the HIVE.io Blockchain for development As it has both fast and free transactions. Transactions happen underneath five seconds and do not incur any gas costs. This makes for a very scalable platform that has minim costs to play the other blockchain based games.

Our goals is that by the start of Q3 2022, We will have a working game ready to go, at this point will start on the next game in the series, A game that you, the players will vote on and decide which will be developed next.

Open sourcing:

We believe in making tools for the community to use. The larger goal is to open source the game engine to allow community members to mod it and further develop other aspects of it.

Based on community feedback and on the quality of these various Mods, we would make them an official attachment to the game, and enable players to earn official Treasure Tokens, by playing these modified games.

We believe this will empower the community, and give more value to the overall cards that you have collected.

A note on Tresure tokens (TT)

Treasure tokens are the in game currency that you will learn by playing the game. These tokens could then be traded in the in game store to buy a packet of five cards containing random cards, or they can sell the treasure tokens on an exchange for different types of crypto currency. Likewise they can use these tokens to buy specific cards on the player run market.

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