Exiled Realm Card
Exiled Realm Card

The Core of Exiled Realm

Your Cards

Collect, Trade, Battle, and Earn! Exiled Realms is about collecting exclusive cards, these cards will then be used in various games that we develop in house, or other game outside developers create.

The cards themselves have numerous stats, and have many ways that they can be played.

We intend to have these cards have experience points to them, so they get more powerful over time.

more than one style

Types of cards

Cards come in 3 different tiers.

Tier 1 (T1)
These are the most powerful cards with the most features and stats.

Tier 2 (T2)
These cards are a bit weaker than your Tier 1 cards, and act more as support.

Tier 3 (T3)
These are add-on cards that add bonuses and modifiers to both Tier 1 and Tier 2 cards.

Cards have a Designation

Adventure Card (AC) – These are cards specifically designed for the adventure.

Dungeon Keep Card (DKC) – These are cards That are explicitly designed for the dungeon keeper.

Neutral Cards (NC) – These are cards that can be played either in hero’s hand or the dungeon keepers.


Standard – These are the least rare cards.

Gold – There will be half as many gold cards released, and some cards will be explicitly only gold. Increasing to their rarity and strength.

Diamond– The diamond cards are the most exclusive and rare out of all the cards. There will also be only exclusive items minted in diamond. These are be the most powerful cards you can get.

founder club / The Black print cards

These are special, one time minted cards with very limited editions runs. They are not directly playable in game, but will have special opportunities and game options for players who possess them.

the printing run

Alpha cards (ALPHA) –
Cards also come in specific printing runs. This is the first printing run of the cards. As such, all current cards are in the Alpha state. Future games may see the addition of extra cards, or reprinting of previous cards. Each printing run will have their own printing run listed on. As the game grows, owning Alpha Cards will be more valuable. 

Alpha cards

BE A Pioneer

Tier 1


Tier 2


Tier 3



Discover The Black.

Parts of the card

How to read your card

  1. This is the Name of the current card.
  2. This is the Designation of the card.
  3. This is the Teir of the card.
  4. How Expensive the card is to play
  5. Health : How much life points the character has.
  6. Defense : How good of a defense the character has.
  7. Quickness : How fast the character is.
  8. Damage : How much damage the character deals.
  9. Range Damage : The range damage of the character.
  10. Magic Damage : The magic damage of the character
  11. The Buffs that the character provides to the team or In a specific battle scenario.
  12. The Add on Pips, generally how many T3 items you can attached this card.
  13. The Printing Run of the card
  14. The frame of the card will designate its Rarity
    (Standard, Gold, Diamond, or Black)
  15. The character Artwork.
Parts of a Card
Parts of a Card