Mastering Relmlings: Exploring Border Rarity Levels and Armor Combinations for Victory

Mastering Relmlings: Exploring Border Rarity Levels and Armor Combinations for Victory


Mastering Relmlings: Exploring Border Rarity Levels and Armor Combinations for Victory


In the world of Exiled Realm’s Relmlings, strategic gameplay and card rarity are the keys to success. Among the various factors that influence a player’s performance in battle, the rarity levels of card borders and the synergies created by different armor combinations play crucial roles. In this article, we’ll delve into the significance of border rarity and how understanding and leveraging these aspects can help players emerge victorious in the game.

The Hierarchy of Border Rarity

Relmlings features four distinct border rarity levels: Standard, Gold, Diamond, and the coveted Black. Each level represents an increasing degree of power and uniqueness. Standard borders are the most common, offering a solid foundation for players starting their journey. Gold borders signify enhanced stats and abilities, giving players an edge in battle. Diamond borders further elevate the capabilities of Relmlings, providing a significant boost to their performance. However, it is the elusive Black border that reigns supreme, granting Relmlings unparalleled strength and game-changing potential.

The Prestige of Black Border Relmlings

Black border Relmlings are the most sought-after cards in the game, and for good reason. These exceptionally rare NFTs possess the highest stats, the most powerful abilities, and exclusive perks that set them apart from the rest. Owning a Black border Relmling is a testament to a player’s dedication and prowess, as they are not only difficult to obtain but also formidable opponents on the battlefield. The mere presence of a Black border Relmling can strike fear into the hearts of adversaries and turn the tide of battle in their owner’s favor.

Harnessing the Power of Gold and Diamond Borders

While Black border Relmlings are the ultimate prize, Gold and Diamond border cards should not be overlooked. These rarity levels offer significant advantages over Standard border cards, providing players with enhanced stats and abilities that can greatly impact the outcome of a battle. Gold border Relmlings excel in specific aspects such as attack power or speed, making them valuable assets in offensive strategies. Diamond border Relmlings, on the other hand, offer a more balanced approach, with well-rounded stats and versatile abilities that can adapt to various combat situations.

Synergizing Armor Combinations for Maximum Effect

In addition to border rarity, the armor combinations of Relmlings play a vital role in determining their effectiveness in battle. Each Relmling is equipped with a unique set of armor pieces, such as helmets, chestplates, gloves, and boots. These armor pieces not only contribute to the visual appeal of the NFTs but also grant specific bonuses and synergies when combined strategically. Players who take the time to understand and experiment with different armor combinations can unlock powerful synergies that complement their playstyle and give them a competitive edge.

Adapting to the Meta: Building a Balanced Collection

To succeed in Relmlings, players must develop a well-rounded collection that encompasses various border rarity levels and armor combinations. While Black border Relmlings are undeniably powerful, relying solely on them can limit a player’s flexibility and adaptability. Building a diverse roster that includes Gold and Diamond border cards, as well as Standard border Relmlings with strong armor synergies, allows players to adjust their strategies based on the current meta and the opponents they face. By having a balanced collection, players can tackle any challenge the game throws at them and emerge victorious.

Raity Levels and Percentages

When it comes to border rarity levels in Relmlings, the chances of obtaining each level vary significantly.

The most common rarity is the Standard (Green) border, which accounts for a substantial 70% of all cards in the game, with a total of 9,810 cards. This means that players have a high probability of acquiring Standard border Relmlings as they build their collection.

The next level up is the Gold border, which makes up 18% of the total cards, with 2,523 cards available. While not as common as Standard border cards, players still have a reasonable chance of obtaining Gold border Relmlings, which offer enhanced stats and abilities.

Moving up the rarity scale, we have the Diamond border, constituting 9% of the cards with 1,261 cards in existence. Obtaining a Diamond border Relmling is a more challenging feat, but the rewards are well worth it, as these cards possess even greater power and potential.

However, the ultimate prize lies in the Black border Relmlings, which are the rarest of them all. They make up only 3% of the total cards, with a mere 420 in circulation.

The scarcity of Black border cards makes them highly coveted by players, as they represent the pinnacle of power and prestige in the game. While the chances of acquiring a Black border Relmling are slim, the excitement and anticipation of potentially owning one of these exceptional NFTs keep players engaged and motivated to collect and trade their way to the top.


In the realm of Relmlings, understanding and leveraging border rarity levels and armor combinations are essential for achieving victory. From the awe-inspiring Black border Relmlings to the reliable Standard border cards, each rarity level has its place in a player’s arsenal. By strategically acquiring and utilizing Relmlings of various rarities and optimizing their armor synergies, players can create powerful combinations that will lead them to glory on the battlefield. As you embark on your journey in Exiled Realm, remember to collect wisely, experiment boldly, and always strive for the perfect balance that will make you a true master of Relmlings.

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